The Difference Between Rubber And Plastic

- Mar 27, 2017 -

In short, the most essential difference between plastic and rubber plastic deformation occurred plastic deformation, and the rubber is elastic.In other words, is not easy to restore the original state after plastic deformation, and rubber is relatively easier.Plastic elasticity is very small, usually less than 100%, and rubber can reach 1000% or more.Plastic in the vast majority of forming process on the finished product process is finished;The rubber molding process after the completion of still have to need vulcanization process.

Plastic and rubber are of high polymer material, is mainly composed of two kinds of carbon and hydrogen atoms, while others contain a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluorine, sulfur atoms, such as its special performance and use is also special.At room temperature, the plastic is solid, very hard, can't draw texturing.And rubber hardness is not high, there is elastic and can stretch longer, stop stretching can back again.This is due to their different molecular structure.Another difference is that the plastic can be recycled many times repeated use, and rubber is not direct recycling use, can only be processed into reclaimed rubber, then available.Plastic in the form when more than 100 degrees to 200 degrees and rubber in 60 to 100 degrees form similar, plastic rubber.

Complex, said broadly, the rubber is a kind of plastic, including rubber plastic.Is described in detail.

General industrial use double-sided adhesive, acrylic plastic and rubber adhesive can be divided into two kinds big.And the two major categories, and have base material and base material can be divided into two types (adding a layer of cotton base material: rubber, strengthen the double-sided adhesive glue quantity and strength, no base material: pure gelatin, ensure transparency of the double-sided adhesive).Because for CR rubber adhesive system main body, used for rubber products, rubber vulcanization system, extremely easily with the reaction but turns purple.So the light color of rubber products, all using acrylic rubber is a base material of double-sided adhesive (with kinds of double-sided adhesive, regardless of the substrate or base material, on its own do distinguish between the thickness of the colloid.

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