PVC Flooring And Flooring Made Of Linen Are Resilient Flooring

- Mar 01, 2017 -

PVC floors and floors are resilient flooring made of linen, but differentiated:

Composition and production: the floor is made from the oxidation of flax flax seed oil, mixture of Cork and wood, laminated onto the jute backing and processed. PVC flooring is PVC and resin as the main raw material, filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant and other accessories, flake continuous substrate, coating process or by rolling, extrusion or compression process. From this point of view the use of flax is natural flax raw material, PVC flooring is PVC material, but also Green materials.

Abrasion resistance and stability of difference: nicks General resistance of the floor made of linen, linen on the floor hard and soft, which is why the thick linen floor is not very good resistance to nicks's reasons, better wear resistance compared to PVC flooring. Flax the dimensional stability of the floor General, therefore, you must use a strong glue, on the whole, flax floor stability than PVC flooring.

Differences in ease of maintenance: linen floor needs in natural light maintenance, sample and physical differences do exist, yellow, flax floor maintenance products (PH>7) poor resistance, flax floor in need of polishing, waxing again must use special care products. Solidly than PVC flooring flooring made of linen, but because the porous surface, so all stains must be removed quickly, otherwise it will stay on the surface is hard to get rid of the marks and have to be polished and waxed. Because it is not a thermoplastic material, cannot be recycled, burns traces can be easily worn off, but for deep burn marks, heart PVC floors floor grinding much easier than linen.

Differences in ease of installation: installing flax floor difficult, if the room temperature is too low, flax floor will break. Due to the nature of its absorption and dimensional instability, so the product must be installed with super glue is fast. For example one day, an installation team can lay down from 80 to 100 square meters of PVC flooring, or may only be about 60 square meters of the floor made of linen. Linseed oil is insensitive to temperature and can not be used with the material of the electrodes for welding, not welded but "seams", flax floor cannot be divided into E3 class, flax or clean the room requirements do not apply to wet the floor area. Linen floor will emit a strong odor, stranded in the installation room.

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