Natural Rubber Price Trend Analysis

- Mar 27, 2017 -

1 - lasted domestic natural rubber market in February 2015, prices are low shock period.Glue on the one hand, domestic day 1-2 month while at a stop during cutting, but domestic inventories at high levels, bonded port area of Qingdao rubber high in 26-270000 tons of inventory, make domestic natural rubber spot supply, prices at ten thousand yuan.Day together with the price of crude oil at low levels, rubber futures market confidence is insufficient, domestic day glue spot clinch a deal the situation is bad, the price has been in a low level.Southeast Asia major producer of rubber raw materials market is bad on the other hand, countries such as Thailand and India raw material prices are low level, even if the foreign government's supporting policies for rubber, but there is no day plastic market is good for China, and Thailand raw material has been at the low level of 40 baht/kg, the Thai government purchase guarantee rubber prices in Thailand, all kinds of negative influence day rubber prices at home and abroad has been in a low level.Tire rubber industry chain downstream from the day, January and February domestic tire capacity utilization has been at the low level of 6 into the following, low capacity utilization caused glue reduced demand for days, day rubber goods market is bad, depressed prices.With America's China tire "double reverse", make domestic tire is limited to export, exports plunged into 4, so the tire industry gloom, day glue affected prices low.January and February manufacturing market downturn, although the natural rubber in the bank to cut interest rates drop and foreign policy under rebound hope positive stimulus, but 1-2 months in China during the Spring Festival, trade over, therefore, January and February day plastic market is still low shock period.

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