Natural Rubber Is Expected To Continue To Call Into The Year 2017

- Mar 27, 2017 -

At present, China's natural rubber tapping technology demand is higher, need skilled work, which greatly improve the human cost.It is estimated that at present, land reclamation and other domestic enterprises tons of costs between 18000 yuan and 20000 yuan;And private rubber by rubber farmers self-marketing, the cost is in 15000 yuan/ton.In Thailand tapping costs between 58-62 baht/kg, rubber price is lower than the cost of production, not fully mobilize enthusiasm tapping rubber trees.

In the context of current supply and demand of natural rubber, or more nervous.Basic sold out, the new glue on the market of rubber for sale last year.Expects 2016 global natural rubber production of less than 11.6 million tons, 12.5 million tons;Less than 12 million tons, annual output 2017 consumption is expected to exceed 12.6 million tons or more.The cause of this shortage situation is mainly due to the previous five years rubber prices dampened enthusiasm, lead to rubber planting area shrink significantly, furthermore rising labor costs, to some extent, also affect the price of rubber.  Reported that 18000 yuan/ton ~ is at the bottom of the rubber price 20000 yuan/ton, now does not reach the cost price, the price of the falling space is little, the momentum is enough, natural rubber is expected to continue to call into the year 2017.

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