Japan's Research And Development Of Silicone New Photovoltaic Panels

- Mar 27, 2017 -

Japanese industrial technology research institute said in a news release, the new developed using silicone rubberPhotovoltaic panels.It is difficult to burn, lightweight, no crack, etc.Set up on the roof of a motor car and housing, is expected to be widespread application.

The product by the Japanese industrial technology research institute and cooperation to jointly develop the chemical industry.Photovoltaic cell components commonly before use electronic circuit boards and combustible organic material, glass, new product made by silicon rubber sheet in the shape of packaging materials, hard materials on the surface of thin film material to burn.Because you can directly set on the aluminum alloy board, do not need a fixed frame of aluminum alloy profiles.

Silicone wrap material cost is higher, but reduces the necessary before a panel of glass and aluminum parts, hope that can control the cost of whole project.

Japan's industrial technology research institute will be in the current temperature cycle and ultraviolet radiation based on the experimental results, promote the product development.

If the latest research and development of silicone rubber application of photovoltaic panels on the new housing, is expected to expand the home energy management system of "smart home" and the consumption of energy and generate energy balance of the introduction of "zero energy house".

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