Flame Retardant Properties Of Rubber And Plastic Material

- Mar 27, 2017 -

The uniqueness of rubber and plastic materials because of its chemical structure, belongs to flammable products, produce melting drops in the combustion process.In order to meet the requirements of the use of flame retardant, the current international generally used in the following way:

1, improve the oxygen index.Material of the oxygen index refers to maintain the sustained combustion minimum oxygen concentration, the higher the oxygen index showed that the better the performance of flame retardant materials, the opposite is poor.Oxygen index > 26, in the air will be from self-extinguishing fire, oxygen index > 32, it is difficult to burn in the air.Increases oxygen index for flammable materials, general methods are: the copolymerization method -- on the molecular chain by introducing X copolymerization reaction, P, N atoms, such as the burning material decomposed HX, NH3 thins the broken chain of small molecules such as the density of alkenes, alkanes, inhibit combustion reaction;Through grafting method - the flame retardancy good monomer grafting reaction on flammable molecular chain, to improve its flame retardancy;Crosslinking method, the linear molecule chain through crosslinking reaction in molecular chain is formed between the reticular structure to achieve the purpose of improving oxygen index.Rubber and plastic materials to improve oxygen index method is a crosslinking method.

2, add flame retardant additives, make the product of the combustion air and combustible gas, improve the flame retardant performance of the products.Flame retardant additives is divided into two kinds: phosphorus-containing additives and metal hydroxide flame retardant.

Phosphorus-containing additive is to point to contain halogen flame retardants, such as chlorine and bromine series flame retardant, they are under the effect of flame, the release of inert gas, oxygen isolation, so as to achieve the goal of flame retardant.But on the other hand, under the effect of high temperature, the phosphorus-containing flame retardants will be because of condensed phase decomposition product is not fully burning, produce a large number of poisonous and corrosive gas, the formation of secondary pollution, although stopped burning, but the generated flue gas concentration is bigger, smoke density is higher, the toxic gas again hurt people's health.

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