Discussion On The Advantages Of PVC Flooring

- Mar 18, 2017 -


Production of PVC flooring PVC is the main raw material, PVC is nontoxic and renewable resources, it has a lot of uses in people's daily lives, such as utensils, medical Infusion bags, environmental protection is no need to worry. Stone plastic floor (film) main ingredient is natural stone powder, tested by the authority of the State Department do not contain any radioactive element, is green the new flooring. Any qualified PVC flooring needs IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental protection certification.

Ultra thin and light

PVC the floor thickness of only 2-3mm per square meter weight of 2-3KG, less than 10% of normal terrestrial material. In high-rise buildings for body weight and space savings, has incomparable advantages. Also has a special advantage in the transformation of old buildings.

Super wear-resistant

PVC floor surface with a layer of special processing by high-tech transparent wear layer, wear resistance turns up to 300000. In the more traditional ground material abrasion resistance abrasion resistance of laminate flooring only 13000 rpm speed, good laminate flooring only 20000 RPM. Surface special processing of super strong wear layer full guarantee has ground material of excellent of wear performance, PVC floor surface of wear layer according to thickness of different in normal situation Xia can using 5-10 years, wear layer of thickness and the quality directly decided has PVC floor of using time, standard test results displayed 0.55mm thick of wear layer ground can in normal situation Xia using 5 years above, 0.7mm thick of wear layer ground enough to using 10 years above, so more is super strong wear of. With superior wear resistance, so a large flow of people hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places, PVC flooring is growing in popularity.

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