PVC Flooring Development & Marketing Prospect

- Jun 18, 2017 -

1. Development Prospect

The main criterion that sees environmental protection floor environmental protection first is formaldehyde release quantity. There have been discussions about whether PVC floors are suitable for home furnishings, and here we look at the details of why PVC floors are not as marketable in domestic market:
1.1 PVC floor this name is easy to arouse people's misunderstanding mentioned more think of plastic PVC everyone, many people will confuse the PVC floor and PVC tube plastic containing toxic substances harmful to human body. But PVC floor and plastic not matter at all, PVC and can call PVC, PVC floor 100% does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, toxic substances such as no radiation, belongs to the green environmental protection decoration materials, will not cause harm to human body. There are also fears that used for the construction of the glue will not contain formaldehyde, should admit that many undesirable businessman to reduce cost, use glue quality is bad, how can contain toxic substances, but now a well-known brand manufacturers special glue, glue is used in the construction of green environmental protection glue, don't have to worry about the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
1.2 Due to the unique advantages and great development prospect of PVC floor, many domestic enterprises are PVC flooring industry, through the introduction of equipment, technology and absorbing innovation, currently some enterprises in the PVC sheet and PVC compound coil has been improved, can produce high quality PVC floor, but on the whole, PVC coil production technology is not perfect enough, still need to work. In sales of PVC floor on the market, especially some around the city, brought together many small manufacturers such as they compete for low-end market, to cater to consumer to pressure the price very low, the quality of the natural protected. The phenomenon that the quality inferior PVC floor is flooded the market, the common people naturally to PVC floor can have misunderstanding. In order to protect the interests of the consumers, is suggested to choose the famous brand products, we have a saying in China called "cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap", or a lot of sense.
1.3 PVC flooring in China mainly to use on the project, many manufacturers of focusing on large engineering project, the home installs enough attention, this is PVC flooring industry in need of improvement. Because of the various reasons, the manufacturer has encountered resistance for various reasons, so it is not possible to promote the use of PVC floor in China.
1.4 The Chinese people are more conservative. Many products are popular abroad for a long time before they are accepted and accepted by the Chinese people. There is a process of acceptance and acceptance of any new thing. Combined with excessive pursuit of TianRanXing compatriots, the pursuit of high-grade, as only green wood floor is harmless to human body, as only lay marble floor is high grade, the French decoration concept is really needs to be changed, believe in the people can correct understanding to the advantages of PVC floor, will be more recognition of PVC floor.
The trend of the PVC floor as an alternative to flooring and marble floors is unstoppable.

2. Market Prospect

2.1 Time to enter the market

Since the 80 s, the first PVC plastic floor into the domestic market, until 2000 the whole industry and the primary stage, 1998-2004 PVC floor has a preliminary development, 2004-2007 PVC sports flooring and commercial flooring gradually get the recognition of the industry, a growing number of sports venues, sports venues to choose professional PVC floor, more and more construction projects also began to choose PVC commercial flooring. As the 2008 Olympic Games held, and the market of PVC plastic floor. According to expert analysis of the bank has entered the development. The next 5 to 10 years will enter a high-speed development period.

2.2 High demand

According to the national development plan in 2010, the construction industry will become the pillar industry of national economy, the country will be built in the city residential area of 3.35 billion square meters, the town built a residential area of 5 billion square meters, public building about 1 billion square meters, at present abroad PVC floor accounted for a third proportion that would be a huge market. Strong PVC plastic flooring industry development.

2.3 New high-tech pavement material

PVC elastic plastic floor is the newest high-tech pavement material in the world building materials industry. It is now widely used in foreign decoration projects. To enter the domestic market since the 80 s to get promoted, now business (office buildings, shopping malls, airports,), education (school, library, gym, medicine) (pharmaceutical factory, hospital, factories and other industries widely used, and achieved satisfactory effect, usage grows.

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