PVC Flooring Characteristic

- Jun 18, 2017 -

PVC Flooring Characteristic

PVC floors entered the Chinese market in the early 21st century, and have been popular in the southeast coastal and developed cities. PVC floor is the most commonly used, the most popular floor in soft quality floor. Due to the superior performance of PVC floor and the protection of environment in developed countries, the ceramic tile and wooden floor are widely used in the developed countries, making the first choice for floor decoration materials. The drawback is that the weight roller will be crushed and the dent will be prone. The PVC floor has many advantages over other floors:

Friendly environmental protection

PVC floor of the main raw material is PVC, PVC is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources, it has a lot of use in People's Daily life, such as the food grade bags, garbage bags, building decorative panels, etc. Stone floor (sheet) main component is a natural stone powder, by the national authoritative department detection does not contain any radioactive elements, but also the new ground decorative materials of green environmental protection. Any qualified PVC floor will be certified by IS09000 international quality system and ISO14001 international green certification.

Super light thin

PVC floor is only 1.6 mm to 9 mm thickness, weight per square meter only 2-7 kg, for the building load and space saving in the building, has the incomparable advantage, has a special advantage in the old building reconstruction.

Super wear-resistant

PVC floor surface has a special transparent wear-resisting layer by high-tech processing, special surface treatment of super wear-resisting layer fully ensure the ground material excellent wear resistance, wear-resisting layer depending on the thickness of the PVC floor surface under normal circumstances can use 5 to 10 years, wear-resisting layer thickness and quality directly decides the use time of PVC floor, standard test results show that the 0.55 mm thick the wear-resisting layer of the ground can use more than 5 years in normal circumstances, the wear-resisting layer of 0.7 mm thick on the ground to use more than 10 years, so it is super wear resistance. Because it has strong wear resistance, so the traffic was larger hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places, PVC floor become more and more popular.

High elasticity and strong resistance

PVC flooring quality of a material soft elastic is very good, so under the impact of the weights have good elastic recovery, better quality of a material soft elastic coil floor, the foot feels comfortable is referred to as "soft gold" ground material, PVC floor has a strong impact resistance at the same time, the heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery, not cause damage. Excellent PVC floor can maximum reduce the harm to human body, and to spread the impact on the foot, the latest research data show that in the space of foot traffic pavement after excellent PVC floor, the ratio of its fall and injured than other floor falling nearly 70%.

Super non-slip

The wear-resisting layer of PVC floor surface with special skid resistance, and compared with common ground material, PVC floor, in the case of glue water waste more acerbity feeling, more is not easy to slip into, namely the water the astringent. Also so, so in the public security to demand higher public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. Is preferred ground decorates material, have been very popular in China in recent years.

Fire retardant

Quality qualified PVC floor fire prevention index can reach B1 level, B1 level also means fire prevention performance is excellent, second only to stone material. The PVC floor itself does not burn and prevents combustion; Does not produce toxic or harmful gases to interest sex, according to the security services provided by the Numbers: 95% of people get hurt in the fire that, when burned, is due to the smoke and gas by poison).


PVC floor because the main component is vinyl resin, and water is not friendly, so it is not afraid of water, as long as it is not soaked in the long term and it will not be damaged. And it doesn't change because of the humidity.

To prevent and sound-absorbing

PVC flooring has common ground material cannot be compared with the sound-absorbing effect, the sound absorption of 20 db, so in need a quiet environment such as the hospital ward, the school library, auditorium, cinema, etc to choose PVC floor, you don't need for high heels with ground knock noise influence your thinking and worry, PVC floor can provide you with more comfortable, more human living environment.

Antibacterial properties

PVC floor surface with special antibacterial treatment, PVC floor surface also increases the antimicrobial agent, special for the vast majority of bacteria has strong killing capacity and the ability to inhibit bacterial breeding.

Small seam and seamless welding

The special design of PVC sheeting is installed in strict construction, the seam is very small, the view is almost invisible. PVC coil with seamless welding technology can achieve seamless floor, this is the ordinary floor cannot do, and therefore may obtain the integral effect of the ground and visual effect maximum optimization; It is ideal for the environment such as the office and the environment such as hospital operating room for the environment such as hospital operating room.

Cutting and splicing is simple and easy

With good good free cutting knife, can use the material combination of different colors at the same time, give full play to the designer's ingenuity, to achieve the ideal decorative effect;
Enough to make your ground a work of art, making your living space a temple of art, full of art.

Installation convinent

The installation of PVC floor is very quick, use not cement mortar, ground condition good use special environmental protection adhesive bond, can use after 24 hours.

Wide variety of flowers and colours

PVC floor has a variety of flowers and colors, such as carpet grain, stone grain, wood floor grain, etc., can even realize personalized custom. The grain road is realistic and beautiful, with rich and colorful supplementary materials and decorative strips, can combine the adornment effect of beautiful beautiful.

Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion

By the inspection authority, PVC floor has stronger resistance to acid and alkali corrosion performance, can endure the test of bad environment, very suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, research institute and other place.

Thermal conductivity to keep warm

The thermal conductivity of PVC floor is good, the heat dissipation is even, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small and stable. In the United States, Europe, and South Korea and other countries and regions, PVC floor is the first choice of floor heating floor, which is very suitable for home dressing, especially in cold areas of northern China.

Maintenance is convenient

The maintenance of PVC floor is very convenient, ground dirty is wiped with mop cloth.
If you want to keep the floor long and bright, you need to be able to maintain the wax on a regular basis, and the maintenance is much lower than that of the other floors.

The environmental protection renewable

Today is an era of the pursuit of sustainable development, new materials, new energy emerge in endlessly, PVC floor is the only renewable utilization of ground adornment material, this to protect our earth's natural resources and ecological environment has great significance.

The international fashion

PVC flooring is widely used around the world today is a new type of ground adornment material, popular in Europe and America market and the asia-pacific market, is also very popular in China, the development prospects are very broad.

1. The adornment is strong

PVC floor has much more special breed of design and color, such as carpet, stone lines, such as wood grain, the grass grain, grain is clear and beautiful, colorful color, cut and simple and easy, give full play to their creativity and imagination, completely can meet different users, designers and the personalized needs of different decoration style. No color difference, no light, no radiation, long used coloration.

2. The installation is quick and easy to maintain

PVC floor installation construction is quick, need not cement mortar, can use after 24 hours.
Easy to clean, avoid maintenance, not afraid of the chemical material such as water, oil, oil, dilute acid, alkali, etc., and it is easy to clean with wet mop, save time and effort. Do not need to wax after installation, need average daily maintenance is clean like new.

3. Environmental regeneration

The PVC floor is the only ground material that can be recycled to make a huge difference in protecting our natural resources and ecological environment.

4. The application is extensive

Due to unique materials and super performance of PVC floor, plus shop is convenient, quick construction, reasonable price, high security, is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports, entertainment, shopping plaza, restaurants, hotels and other public places and personal family.

5. Feet feel are comfortable

Structure compact surface and high elastic foam cushion after seamless treatment, retainer, strong buffer heavy glass fell to the ground and not easily broken, guarantee the foot feels comfortable, close to the carpet, very suitable for places with the elderly and children.
While walking on hard wood, feet feel inferior, long walk can ache and injure foot bone.

6. Small seam and seamless welding

The ground material USES hot melt welding processing, form a seamless connection, avoid the dirt of floor tile and easy to be polluted, act as moisture-proof and dustproof, clean the effect of sanitation. Special design and color piece by strict construction installation, the seam is very small, special varieties is nearly invisible seams, the higher requirements to the ground the overall effect of the environment such as office, or the sterilization demanding environment such as a hospital operating room is the most ideal choice.

7. Environmental protection

The main raw materials used in PVC floor are PVC materials and calcium carbonate, PVC materials and calcium carbonate are non-toxic and non-toxic renewable resources, non-toxic and non-radioactive. It has a lot of use in People's Daily life, such as water pipes, tableware, medical iv bags and so on, is the national advocate of green products. The gold children PVC floor is not contain formaldehyde, benzene, phenol and other hazardous chemicals, ultra-low lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, also is not radioactive.

8. super light super thin

PVC floor is commonly only 2 to 3mm thick, each square metre weighs only 2 to 3 kilograms.

9. Wear-resisting and scraping

PVC floor surface has a special transparent wear-resisting layer, processed by high-tech super wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation, reusable, and life in general is 20 to 30 years.

10. High elasticity and strong impact

PVC flooring quality of a material soft elastic is very good, so under the impact of the weights have good elastic recovery, maximum limit to reduce the harm to human body and dispersed impact on foot. So it can greatly reduce the slide fall of the person, but also have a strong resilience to the heavy weight shock damage, not cause damage. The latest data show that the high levels of plastic that fall and hurt in large areas are nearly 70 percent less likely to fall and hurt than others.

11. Slippery prevention

The wear-resisting layer of PVC floor surface with special skid resistance, because of the skid resistance, so the public security to demand higher public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergarten is the preferred ground decorates material.

12. Fire prevention

PVC floor can achieve B1 level fire prevention, this is also the highest standard of fire prevention.
It does not burn itself and prevents it from burning. The smoke from the high quality PVC floor will not cause any harm to the human body when it is ignited, and it will not cause a suffocating toxic noxious gas.

13. Waterproof

Plastic and PVC floor as main component is calcium carbonate, advanced glass fiber layer to ensure the stability of its size stability, so the natural fear of water, as long as it's not long soaking would not be damaged, also won't because of high humidity and mildew or affected by the temperature and humidity and deformation.

14. Sound-absorbing

Silence is a basic indicator of the pros and cons of living, working and nursing. PVC floor specific surface and plastic foam cushion after seamless treatment, there are common ground material cannot be compared with sound-absorbing effect, can make full play of function of sound-absorbing, sound insulation, can isolate 15 db - 19 db of noise, noise problems are solved. So in need a quiet environment such as hospital ward, the school library, hall choose PVC floor, you no longer need for high heels and ground percussive sound affect your mind.

15. Suitable for geothermal

PVC floor due to water resistance, good thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, especially suitable for geothermal environment, can guarantee the long-term durability, and good thermal efficiency, and to ensure that under the condition of the circulation of cold and hot not emit harmful substances.




Roll PVC Floor

1. Low seam, strong feeling

2. Health dead Angle less

3. High PVC and comfortable feet

4. Appearance of high class

5. Quality standard is high -- the right outfit, the problem that produces because of product quality is few

6. The price is usually higher than the Sheet

1. The reaction to the ground is high, the ground level is smooth, smooth, clean and so on

2. It is difficult to make the packing process

3. Maintenance is difficult when it is broken

4. If seam welding is done, the electrode is easily dirty

5. Choosing a product that is cost-effective is not worth the loss

6. The production process is complex and the localization degree is low

Sheet PVC Floor

1. The packing is relatively simple

2. Maintenance is relatively easy when broken

3. It is not very high on the floor level

4. The degree of localization is high

5. The price is usually lower than the Roll

1. The seam is much, the whole feeling is relatively low

2. The appearance level is relatively low

3. The quality requirements are low and the product quality is uneven

4. There is a lot of health dead in the shop

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