How to choose LVT floor

- Nov 01, 2017 -

LVT (LUXURY VINYL FLOORING) is more and more trendy in the world, many end users worries about that the flooring should be thicker, as for LVT, it is too thinner, how to use, probably, there is a potential risks after installation, all of worries are reasonable. 

Actually, the thickness of LVT is from 2mm to 5mm, the abrasion of LVT is not depend on the thickness of products, but depend on the thickness of wear layer. The wear layer of LVT is from 0.07mm to 0.7mm, some wear layer can be achieved 0.8mm, even 1mm. The wear layer is more thicker, the using time is longer, the price is comparatively higher.

As for a consumer, when you need LVT, don’t ask how many thickness you have, please ask sales representatives how many wear lay you have. Generally, the wear layer from 0.07mm to 0.30mm is adaptable for residential areas like living room and kitchen, the wear layer from 0.30mm to 0.70mm is suitable for commercial areas like supermarket, hotel and hospital, thus, the suitable for you according to your requirement is the best, rather than the highest standard of LVT.

Compared to laminate flooring, LVT have some specifications. Firstly, LVT is authentic waterproof, as LVT is made of Polyvinyl chloride, stone powder, DOTP and then is mixed together via hot pressing machines (in Korea, LVT is mixed via laminating machines), when production of LVT, no need for glue, this product is mixed via hot pressing machines, so that LVT is waterproof from raw materials and producing process. Secondly, LVT is fireproof, if clients want to choose the flooring which is fireproof, LVT is one of choice.

LVT have many advantages like waterproof, fireproof, abrasion, what drawbacks of LVT have compared to laminate flooring, the drawbacks for LVT is there is a high requirement for the ground and the shrinkage and curling should be cared for LVT, because LVT is made of Polyvinyl chloride and is thinner, LVT is softer than laminate flooring, if the ground is not even, the decorated effect will looks the waves, please be care of this, so self-leveling is essential if the ground is uneven. Expect for self leveling, the gap is essential for installation of LVT, if LVT is made of Polyvinyl chloride which is one of plastic materials, the characteristic of plastics is expanded with heat and contracted with cold, thus, the gap should be left when installation of LVT, otherwise, there is a potential risks that all of installed LVT will be curved, how to decrease the potential risk of shrinkage and curling, if clients are interests in.

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