EPDM Rubber Running Track Accessories for Sale Durable Outdoor and Indoor Running Track Material for Synthetic Run Tracker

Breathable Running Track-RF Series Shock-absorbing Elastic Underlay + PU Elastic Layer + Self-skinning PU Coating: Made of RF Series Shock-absorbing Elastic Underlay, PU Elastic Layer and Self-Skinning PU Coating, Suitable for All Kinds of competition tracks and fields, teaching and exercise...

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Manufacturer EPDM Rubber Running Track Accessories For Sale Durable Outdoor and Indoor Running Track Material For Synthetic Run Tracker

EPDM is a material which excels in processability, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, electrical insulation properties, cold resistance, and chemical resistance. These properties areideal in applications such as automotive weatherstrips and hoses, building materials, electricalcables.

Product Specification:



Construction process:

1) Clean and spray glue on the concrete or asphalt ground. 

2) Mixing black granules and glue for bottom layer paving. 

3) Paver machine pave black granules on the ground

4) Glue on the bottom layer.

5) Spray or spread mixed EPDM granules and glue and paste.

6) Second time spray as the final surface flooring.

7) Drawing the line.

Product Attribution:

1) Moderate Hardness, Excellent Anti-UV

2) Good Adherence, Wear Resistance and Flatness

3) Used in Any Weather Condition and Easy Maintenance

4) Stable Material, Environmentally protecting, Good fire retardance

5) Good Tensile Strength, Reduce Sports Injures Of The Players

6) High Heat,Oxidation,Aging,Ozone And Corrosion Resistance,And Perfect Stability

7) Good Water Drainage, No Water Leaves in Surface

8) Shock Absorption, Noise-Reduction, Pressure Resistance, Abrasion Resistance.






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