EPDM granules Wholesale EPDM Tiles Ideal Tiles Durable Outdoor EPDM Roof Tiles EPDM Playground Surface Tiles Suppliers for Playgrounds with Recycled Rubber Flooring

Our colorful EPDM granule is suitable for various sport court and outdoor surface flooring, like school playground,kindergarten, public walkways, running track, stairs, pedestrian bridges,artificial grass infilling, swimming pool surrounds etc.

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EPDM granules Wholesale EPDM Tiles Ideal Tiles Durable Outdoor EPDM Roof Tiles EPDM Playground Surface Tiles Suppliers for Playgrounds with Recycled Rubber Flooring

Our Colorful EPDM Granule Is Suitable For Various Sport Court And Outdoor Surface Flooring, Like School Playground,Kindergarten, Public Walkways, Running Track, Stairs, Pedestrian Bridges,Artificial Grass Infilling, Swimming Pool Surrounds etc.

Product Specification:



Construction process:

1) Clean and spray glue on the concrete or asphalt ground. 

2) Mixing black granules and glue for bottom layer paving. 

3) Paver machine pave black granules on the ground

4) Glue on the bottom layer.

5) Spray or spread mixed EPDM granules and glue and paste.

6) Second time spray as the final surface flooring.

7) Drawing the line.

Product Attribution:

1)  Resistant to Fire & Stubbed and Burning Cigarettes, Excellent Anti-UV

2) Adherence, Abrasive Resistance and Flatness

3) Used in Any Weather Condition and Easy Maintenance,Durable

4) Environmental-Friendly, Non-Toxic and Odorless

5) Comfortable and Protective to Foot

6) High Heat,Oxidation,Aging,Ozone And Corrosion Resistance,And Perfect Stability








Payment methods:

T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, L/C


Depend On The Quantity Of Order 1 To 30 Days After The Payment

Min.Order Quantity:

No Requirement

Colors for choice:


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