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1. What is rubber flooring?

Rubber Flooring is the floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients.Butylene, high benzene, and shuntin rubber are synthetic rubber, the product of petroleum.Natural rubber refers to the rubber that is produced by artificial rubber trees.  Rubber flooring is suitable for sport as a warmup for sports.Rubber flooring as a floor decoration material has been popular in developed countries for decades and has been widely used.

2. What is PVC flooring?

PVC floor is a kind of new light body surface adornment material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light body ground material". Is a kind of Europe and the United States and Asia, Japan and South Korea's popular products, popular in foreign countries, from the early 80 s began to enter the Chinese market, in the domestic large and medium-sized cities has gained widespread recognition, use a very wide range, such as family, hospital, school, office building, factory, public places, supermarkets, commercial, and other places.

3. What is EPDM flooring?

EPDM plastic floor system consists of a surface EPDM color rubber layer and a black rubber buffer layer. EPDM plastic flooring materials are beneficial to the athletes' speed and technology, improve their performance and reduce the fall rate.Plastic runway is composed of polyurethane material such as rubber, have certain elasticity and color, have a certain ability to resist ultraviolet ray and aging resistance force is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports ground floor material.

4. What is rubber flooring used for?

Rubber floor broad scope of practical home balcony, kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, gymnasium, entertainment places training venue, stage microcomputer room, substation, precision instrument manufacturing deposit first, fireworks BaoZhuChang, defense ammunition, warships antiskid deck office, office buildings, villas and pedestrian space ships skid trails nurseries, kindergartens, the elderly activity center, in medium-sized children's amusement venues bath, swimming pool, massage room, medical units between the high-quality goods shopping center, the counter tour sale trails in various social occasions welcome stairs, sports hall, VIP room stadium runway, roof waterproof course a damping requirements of loading bays.

5. What is the difference between rubber flooring & PVC flooring?

(1). Composition and production process are different: The rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring is the floor of a single or multi-layered structure that is based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Heterogeneous rubber floor is refers to the floor on the basis of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, structure including a wear-resisting layer and other components and (or) design on different compacted layer, compacted layer contains a skeleton.
(2). Color difference: Rubber floor coloring is difficult, because rubber has a strong absorption color, so most rubber floors have a single color; And the flower color of PVC floor is very much, can any combination, can give stylist more choice.
(3). The market demand and wear-resisting strength are different: Rubber flooring is only used in some high-end places because of its high price. The PVC floor is widely used because of its high cost performance, and the market potential is huge. Besides, the wearability of rubber floors is stronger, and it is suitable for the airport, the station and other people's traffic, such as planes, trains, subways, cars, ships, etc.
(4).  The installation is not easy to be different: PVC floor quality is lighter, installation is convenient and quick; The rubber floor is heavy and the installation is more difficult. Moreover, the installation method of rubber flooring is more stringent. If the method does not bubble, the demand for self-leveling foundation is more perfect, or it will exaggerate the defects of the base.

6. Are rubber flooring or PVC flooring toxic?

Rubber flooring is a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients.Butylene, high benzene, and shuntin rubber are synthetic rubber, which is the product of petroleum.Natural rubber is refers to the artificial cultivation of rubber tree down and the rubber, rubber floor is environmental protection floor, all materials are non-toxic harmless environmental protection materials and polymer materials, PVC floor main component is PVC and stone plastic, environmental non-toxic, does not contain formaldehyde

7. Are rubber flooring and PVC flooring healthy & safe?

Yes, Rubber floor is environmental protection material, do not have poison, in the process that it produces, also do not have solid waste, waste water, exhaust gas generation, use rise not to worry about the problem such as moldy, raw bacterium, rubber flooring & PVC flooring are absolutely healthy & safe.

8. What is the advantage of rubber flooring?

(1) green environmental protection: non-toxic and harmless, pollution-free, free of radioactive elements.
(2) waterproof and anti-slip: it can eliminate the safety concerns of old people and children when water becomes astringent.
(3) lightweight body thin: reducing the weight of buildings, is the best choice for tall buildings.
(4) fast: no cement or sand, and a green special adhesive can be used.
(5) super wear-resisting: the surface wear-resistant layer can withstand a lot of stampedes, long life.
(6) quiet comfort: impact, elasticity, sound absorption and comfortable feet.
(7) acid and alkali resistance: acid and alkali resistant to corrosion, can withstand severe environmental test.
(8) thermal conductivity: good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, no ceramic tile cold.Small thermal expansion: the thermal expansion coefficient is small, applicable to the cold region of north.
(9) insulation flame retardant: good insulation flame retardant, not flammable, non-combustible.
(10) moisture-proof and antibacterial: it can effectively inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria when water is not deformed.

9. What is the payment term?

(1) Payment method: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C.

(2) For sample order, full payment after order confirmed.

(3) For bulk order, 30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery.

(4) PayPal address should be the same as the delivery address.

10. What is the delivery?

The delivery time for sample order is normally 3-7 working days after full payment received, and the samples will be sent via DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex express. For bulk order, it is about 10~30 working days after deposit received, and the shipment by air and sea normally.

11. How do we place an order?

Please kindly send us an email specifying the item, quantity, color or other specification to place and order.

12. Is OEM/ODM available?

Yes, we have rich experience in both OEM & ODM service, please kindly contact the sales persons.

13. How long for the warranty?

Thanks to our reliable & trustful R&D and Quality Control system, we are commited to have 5-10 years warranty, for the details please kindly contact our sales persons.